Meet your roasters, Mike Caruso and Barbara Cole. Over ten years ago we looked everywhere for great coffee we could enjoy at home. We would go to specialty markets and buy coffee roasted by small businesses. However, these roasters would come and go and we would once again look for coffee that did not taste burnt or stale.We found a home roasting machine and ordered green beans from all over the world.We perfected the roasting time and color and soon found our perfect cup of coffee.


Mike’s profession is a doctor and many a late night while he was working at the hospital, he would bring in his roasted coffee, turn on his grind and brew coffee maker and before long he would have a line at his office door asking if he had enough to share with the rest of the staff. All the nurses and doctors would rave about his fresh roasted coffee and how much they enjoyed drinking a smooth cup roasted just right.


My profession is an attorney. I usually get into my office early and would bring my coffee in and start brewing before anyone else got there. Soon I had requests to try a cup because it smelled so good. Before long I was being asked to roast and sell to my colleagues, office staff and their friends and family.


We began giving roasted coffee away for Christmas presents and before long we were asked if we would sell coffee through out the year. Our home roaster soon became obsolete and we made the leap to a commercial roaster. We now roast for stores and anyone who is in search of the perfect cup of coffee. We are perfectionist when it comes to roasting and hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting it!